Penis Size: Length or Girth

Vimax pills are the best male enhancement pills that can help to increase your penile size as well as overall sexual activities. There are many men out there who have been quietly suffering about their short or small penis size. So, you know the importance that size matters to you and especially to women. The manhood is the most important factor that mirrors your sexual performance and vigor. If you were born with an average-sized or above average-sized one, then you are lucky. For those men who were born with a less than average-sized penis, you need some help.

Does penis size really matters? Both men and women prefer the bigger ones. The same rule applies to the breast size of women. This explains why the penis enlargement products are too popular these days including cream, penis pills, traction devices, and even surgery. Every man prefers to have his member bigger because he believes that a bigger penis gives him more confidence in bed.

The average penis size in erect is about 5.5 to 6.4 inches in length. There is no bone in the penis so your penis size is not related to your height. Back to our question, "does size matters", some women say it is not about the penis size that matters but how you use it. Most women prefer the penis girth than the length because the big penis can increase sexual pleasure for them.

However, one woman is different from another. Generally speaking, most women like their men to have fuller penis size so that their vaginal walls are better stimulated during intercourse. So, penis girth may be more important than length because the vaginal or anal walls can stimulate the nerves. As a result, this will create friction and sensation that women crave during intercourse. In addition, if a man know how to use his big penis in love making, he will heighten the sensation for his partner.

Even though penis size is one of the most significant factor that affects the sexual performance, you should not suffer if you have a small or tiny penis. Most women are more concern about the entire package, rather than your penis size. Try to give her passion, intimacy and emotional connection is more important.

If you are looking to increase penis size, then you should try Vimax pills. Vimax is one of the best natural penis enlargement pills on the market today that can help to increase your penile size up to 3-4 inches in length and 25% in girth. These Vimax male enhancement pills can also help to cure and treat impotence as well as other sexual dysfunctions like getting bigger and harder erections, increasing sexual desire and stamina, and eliminating premature ejaculation. Overall Vimax reviews have been positive.


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