Men Blame When Girlfriends Left Them Because Of Small Penis Size

It sounds like women stay in a relationship with men who have big and long penis. They left their boyfriends because of small and tiny dick. I personally don’t blame on these ladies. The penis size is the main reason for millions of broke up relationships and marriages. With a short and small size, men can’t perform well in sex to satisfy the woman. Relationship is related to sex and sex is the main part of a healthy relationship.

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Most women prefer men with bigger penis and they admitted that they aren’t satisfied with short or small size. Many men keep blaming on their lady about thinking too much on sex. That’s not right. Women don’t think about sex all the time. However, when a woman have sex, she ensures that she is satisfied completely. So, do you really satisfy her? Is your “little boy” hard and big enough to touch most of the sensitive areas of her vagina? If it is not, then she is not able to attain an orgasm.

Men also use their mouth or sex toys to satisfy their woman. This is insulting and embarrassed, you know. You know what? She can do it herself without a man. If you have a 5-inch penis and use a toy dick to make love to her, then it is not going to work for long. She will leave you for a “bigger” man. It is kind of funny when a divorce based on penis size but it is true and happening a lot lately. Some people think that marriage is not about sex, but it is the main thing in marriage.

Asian men have small penis size for sure. Most of them are about 5.5 to 7 inches in erect. So, with this size, they can’t date a white or black girl. It is no way to get these girls satisfied because black and white men are from 8 to 11 inches long.

Again, the penis is not the main thing in a relationship…wrong. With a small and short penis, there is no way you can perform well in sex. With a long and hard penis, you can do in many different ways. Women like to make love in many different ways and take it long.

Thanks for the modern science, women who have small boobs can use the surgery or herbal pills to make them bigger.

Can men use herbal male enhancement pills to enlarge their penis size?

Yes, they can. Nowadays, there are some good natural penis enlargement pills like Vimax that promise to increase the erection size and improve sexual performance. Don’t wait until she left you. Take action to change it today.

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