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Women admitted the most attractive physical trait of a man is the big penis

Most women admitted that the most attractive physical trait of a man is the big penis when it comes to sex. The handsomeness includes the height, body build, muscles, face, come second. So, women do care a lot about the penis size. Size does matter to women. No wondering why they love to watch adult movie clips, especially they keep looking at the big penis of male porn stars.

Vimax system products for men

Vimax system products for men

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Many relationships or marriages are over just because of the poor performance on sex where the man is the cause. He does not perform well on bed because of his small penis due to erectyle dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Most men age over 40 years old usually have these sexual problems. They worry about how to satisfy their sexual partners in the bedrooms. This causes them lack of self confidence when perform it. It is hard to perform well in the bedrooms when they have tiny penises. This is the reason that most ladies broke up with their men to find guys with larger and longer penises. With a big penis to touch all sensitive areas in their vagina, they could be able to attain more pleasurable orgasms.

When making love, performance is also an important part. You have more advantage when you have a big penis size. It helps her to get turns on and easy to attain an orgasm. However, most women are not comfortable with a penis longer than 10 inches in length. The average size is about 8.5 inches when erect. This is a perfect size for most ladies. It also depends on what body and butt size she is, she may be satisfied with a less than 8.5-inch penis. For instance, if she is 5’9 ft in height and have big and long butt, then your penis size must be at least 9 inches to satisfy on her.

When the lady who dated a man with a 9-inch penis while you are 7.5 inches, then you can’t stand a chance. She used to be comfortable with that big penis so yours is not tight enough to satisfy her at all. This is the reason most ladies want to date a man who has a bigger manhood than their ex.

Many women encourage their men to try male enhancement pills such as Vimax to enlarge the penis. They think about the penis more often than you would realize when it comes to sex. There are some sexual products that men should try if they have poor performance due to small penis, erectyle dysfunction or premature ejaculation issues. The Pills Expert company developed these excellent penis enhancements to help men become an alpha male, including the Vimax pills, Extenders, Oil, and Patches.

What Vimax pills and patches do is to provide the enough blood flow into your penis so you can get it up and maintain it as rock hard erections. The Extender is to lengthen your penis to be larger. You can try one of these products that you are in needed. They are made of natural ingredients so there is no unpleasant side effects. You can read reviews to learn more about each product. There are some testimonials from customers who have used the products so you can learn how they gained additional inches to their penis size.

You have to think about her, guys, how she feels and is she satisfied. You have to do something to fulfill what she needs. Sex is the most important factor in life so ensuring that she is satisfied. With today’s science, you can change everything. If you have a small penis, then it is time to try these Vimax male enhancement products with proven pictures as we mentioned above.

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Penis Enlargement Products For Only Men With a Small Size

Do not let your penis size hold you back. If you were born with a small size, then you should do something to change it. There are many penis enlargement products on the market today that help you gain a bigger and longer size, without doing painful surgery. This article is for only men who have small penile size. There are many men who feel like they have undersized “boy”. The fact is not what you think. If you can satisfy your woman perfectly, then your anatomy is not undersized. Most guys have a 9-inch penis in erect, but your 8-inch penis size is not undersized if you satisfy her perfectly.

Your lady can’t be satisfied. You can’t reach all sensitive areas inside her vagina. She can’t attain an orgasm. Nowadays, most women watch adult movies and they wish to reach multiple orgasms in each session. You can’t even give her that satisfactory because of your little penis. This is painful for her and for you too. So, I list two penis enlargement products that can help you get back the confidence, Vimax extender and pills.

Vimax extender reviews

It is a penis extender that you wear to to enlarge your size. It comes with the padded rubber comfort strap that make you feel comfortable. It comes with 60-day money back guarantee so you can ask for a refund if you don’t see the results as you want. Millions of men gained up to 4 inches after 6 months of wearing this penis enlargement device.

Vimax extender

Vimax extender

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Vimax pills reviews

These penis pills can help you increase the blood flow to the penile area so you get bigger and harder erection. With natural ingredients formulated this pill, you won’t get unpleasant side effects like other chemical pills do. The results are noticed in the first few weeks. Vimax pills provide 60-day money back program. So if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, them simply return the package within 60 days and get your money back.

Vimax pills

Vimax pills

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Do women prefer big penis size?

You must understand one fact. Penis size matters many women in sex. However, when it comes to sexual satisfaction, women are different from men. They want you to take time and enjoy it slowly, instead of hurrying and blowing your semen inside her vagina. They won’t have sex with you next time.

Ladies first!

It is your responsibility to give her some orgasms by using your mouth and tongue before you go for the main session. As you have seen on adult movies, that’s the way you do to her every time. Don’t be lazy about that. Take your time and give her what she deserves. Let her attain a few orgasms before you put your “boy” in her vagina.

Unfortunately, your penis is too short and small. You can’t reach all of the sensitive spots of her vagina. Then, you should use Vimax device and pills. Don’t let her give up having sex with you. When it comes to the main program, it is the most important part of the sexual intercourse. Don’t let her disappointed. You need to last at least 20 minutes or you may have another problem, that is, premature ejaculation.

You can view some of the results about Vimax here. If you can’t satisfy her because of small penis size and/or erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, then you should try Vimax pills and extender.